Watch This Man Descend 1,300 Feet Into An Active Volcano!

There's no Photoshop trickery here, that man you see in the photo above really is standing just a few meters from the massive lava flow of an active volcano. Geoff Mackley, the daring soul you see before you, descended over 1,300 feet into the Marum, an active volcano on Ambrym Island in the Pacific Ocean. He and Bradley Ambrose were the first to ever get this close and you can watch a video of their expedition after the break!

Here's what Mackley had to say about the experience:

Climbing down to within 30 metres of the lava it was so hot (1150 degrees) that without protection we could stand the heat for 6 seconds before retreating, with heat suit and BA I was able to stand it for 40 minutes. "THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH"

The only way to truly understand the situation would be to go their and experience it for yourself, but thanks to YouTube we have the next best thing in the videos below. The first one is just a highlight from when they were closest to the lava, while the second one shows them getting ready and making the descent.

Pretty crazy, right? I don't think I could ever bring myself to do something so insane. What about you?

[Treehugger via Geoff Mackley]

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