Re-Feed Liquifies Your Leftovers To Feed Your Plants!

House plants are often left slurping the same boring meal every day – tap water and sunlight. The Re-Feed aims to change all that by feeding plants all of the nutrients in your leftovers that would otherwise go to waste. Yep, This intriguing gizmo liquifies old food and pumps it right into a flower pot, all you have to do is watch it look pretty!

Operating the device is a cinch – just drop in your leftover dinner, a banana peel or some other food waste. A battery powered blade then chops the scraps and the mixture is left to compost. Pour in some water and you've got some super yummy, natural plant drink!

The liquid is pumped through an opening in the lower portion of the special flower pot through a plastic tube attached to the Re-Feed. This ensures the nutrients head right to the roots of the plant, making it easier to absorb. If you're like me and continually forget to feed your green friends, the Re-Feed can be programmed to do it automatically.

As of right now the Re-Feed is only a concept, dreamt up by Fanny Nilsson, and there's no word on whether or not it will ever go into commercial production. However, it could definitely find a good home in parts of the country (San Francisco) where urban composting has become law.

[via DVICE]