The Daily Geek: Buddhist Iron Man From Space, Macho Man Kills Thanos And More

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- BUDDHIST IRON MAN FROM SPACE FOUND BY NAZIS! 'Nuff Said? [Scientific American]

- PUNY GOD! MTV Movies counts down the best comments from Joss Whedon's "Avengers" commentary. Here's a taste:

The director is also extremely proud of how Hulk manhandles Loki at the film's climax. "If I did nothing else for the last two years, if I literally sat on my bum doing nothing, and I made that little scene? I would feel that I had accomplished something in this world. Does anything make me happier? It does not."

[MTV Movies Blog]

- RICHARD KELLY IS BACK! The "Donnie Darko" director lands good ol' Nic Cage for his next flick, "Amicus," about the court case surrounding a guy who consulted a book called "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors" to murder his family. BTW, am I the only person who LOVED Kelly's "The Box?" Cuz I do. [NextMovie]

- THANOS COURTS A DDT! Another classic shot from Lemonjuice McGee's "Macho Man Wins" [Macho Man Wins]

- PUTTY BOY STRUT This new video Flying Lotus by Cyriak Harris is very cool. [Cartoon Brew]

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