Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012: Use Your Sight Beyond Sight For These Cosplay Highlights

During the 2012 Power-Con/ThunderCon, the forces of the Masters of the Universe and the ThunderCats came together for a special weekend in Los Angeles-- and nothing states that fan dedication and love more than cosplay! With smaller numbers than one of the mega shows, like SDCC, Power-Con/ThunderCon still had a fare share of costumed attendees, and the overall quality of the gear being worn was spectacular, just like the great attitudes of all involved! While my scrawny frame doesn't mesh well with furry underwear and shirtless-ness, join me as I take a closer look at a few of the people that managed to pull off the look as my favorite cosplayers from Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012!

Possibly the most polarizing character to be introduced to Masters of the Universe canon was represented at Power-Con by a fan who couldn't care less about The Mighty Spector's haters-- or about looking like a purple-hued Deadpool. While this costume is impeccable, my favorite part were the glowsticks used in the back of the pistol and the arm-mounted Cosmic Key.

Cheetara brought some ThunderCats action to the con floor with a costume that combined both the outfit and the makeup to pull of a cartoon-accurate look with the staff being the icing on the cake. Despite the fact that she had no super speed powers, Cheetara still managed to win the Power-Con/ThunderCon Cosplay Costume Contest!

This is but one of the many She-Ras that we saw strolling through the convention, and even though her hair isn't show accurate, that Sword of Protection sure is!

Battle Armor Skeletor! Hell yes! Look past the blue body paint, and overly long bear-skin loincloth, and you'll see the spitting image of the crazed villain who possibly more failed schemes than even the likes of Dr. Doom!

Pumyra was another great addition to the ThunderCats in attendance and has the distinction of wearing a costume that, minus the huge ThunderCats logo, could be easily worn out to a club. Those early ThunderCats designers were visionaries!

Overall, just like the bump in attendance from last year, Power-Con/ThunderCon saw a definite upswing in cosplay. The ThunderCats fans were noticeably more vocal this year with their outfits and we can't wait to see what will turn up during the 2013 show! For more info on Power-Con/ThunderCon, be sure to check out the official website!

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