NBC Planning A Series About A Crime-fightin' Thomas Edison

You know who would really celebrate a TV series based on the crime fighting adventures of Thomas Alva Edison in 1880's New York? Thomas Alva Edison.

The inventor, patent hoarder, and shameless self-promoter's fictional history as a secret consultant to the NYPD will be coming to NBC from Sony Pictures, producer Mark Johnson’s Gran, and writers John Shiban and Daniel C. Connolly.

Look for an end of series reveal that he stole all of his crimefighting techniques from other, lesser-known sleuths.

In the series, Edison will be providing not only support but retro-futuristic inventions to aid in the investigations of the under-trained New York Police Department which was, in real life, established 15 years earlier. According to Deadline, the series will have the feel of Guy Ritchie's hyperactive "Sherlock Holmes" movies, which I'm reading as meaning that Connolly and Shiban will be inserting a healthy dose of bare-knuckle brawling and ridiculous slo-motion. The setting Shiban and Connolly chose would put Edison in his early 30's.

I'm gonna call it right now and say they didn't go with his rival Tesla, because of the accent.

It seems NBC is playing catchup to CBS and the BBC who have their own respective super-sleuth series in "Elementary" and "Sherlock." Starz also has "Da Vinci Demons" about the inventions and adventures of Leonardo da Vinci.

[Source: Deadline]

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