J.K Rowling To Return To Children's Books After 'The Casual Vacancy'?

In an interview with BBC News, superstar author J.K. Rowling said her adults-only "Harry Potter" follow-up "The Casual Vacancy" could be followed by a new children's story.

I have a children's book that I really like. It's for slightly younger children than the Potter books.

According to early reports, "The Casual Vacancy," which is published tomorrow, is quite foul-mouthed and edgy, including frequent use of the f-word and a scene of teen boys looking at online porn described in intricate detail.


Just kidding. Rowling is a grown up and an artist. Get off her back, prudes!

In the same BBC interview, Rowling, kinda, sorta, not really hinted at the hopes of doing a "director's cut" of two "Harry Potter" books, because due to time constraints, they weren't quite up to snuff. Whether or not something like that is a possibility is really up to her. I bet if she wants to release 100 more versions of "Harry Potter" she could do what she pleases. If Anchor Bay can do it with "Army of Darkness," right?

[Source: BBC]