The Daily Geek: Honest 'Avengers,' Who Will Direct The 'Apes' And More

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- TOO PERFECT? Honest Trailers nails "Avengers." [Heat Vision]

- WHO WILL RAISE THE APES? The short list for potential directors for the next "Apes" flick is released...Matt Reeves, J Blakeson, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Jeff Nichols, Guillermo del Toro (no chance), Juan Antonio Bayona and Rian Johnson (his reps deny this though). Why isn't Joe Dante on the list? [Deadline]

- THE DEAD WILL NEVER NOT WALK ON AMC! Season 4 of "The Walking Dead" will happen. [MTV SPlash Page]

- BEHIND THE TOY! Leslie Vernon is now a toy! [Deconte Figures and Collectibles]

- WHERE DO THEY POOP? Here's the first pic from Darren Aronofky's "Noah." [MTV Movies Blog]

- PRECIOUS! Andy Serkis reads "The Hobbit" as Gollum. [SF Signal]

'Til tomorrow, gang!