This Loki And Thor 'Snuggle Blanket' Seems A Little Creepy

Curling up in set of bed sheets featuring your favorite superheroes and villains is commonplace for younger kids, but there's something about this Loki and Thor Snuggle Blanket that just seems a little off. Seeing the God of Thunder and his maniacal brother all cozied up is one thing, but this blanket, which also shows "your" legs, is just plain creepy.

The soft fleece blankets are custom made and measure 50 x 60 inches, which is the perfect size for anyone looking to cuddle it up with Asgardian royalty on the couch. However, the lack of any real description on the Etsy page just adds to the creepiness factor... WHY IS THE GOD OF THUNDER SNUGGLING!? This is almost as bad as that one time we had to watch him make breakfast for Natalie Portman. Thor doesn't cook, he has people for that.

Either way, if you want to snag some super-snuggle buddies for yourself you'll have to come up with about $45. The blankets are made to order, so customers will have to wait 5-7 days for printing before the order ships. You can find all the details on the Loki and Thor Snuggle Blanket over here.

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