Happy 23rd Anniversary, Bill and Ted - You Get a Blu-ray Release!

Okay, so no one's actually thinking about the movie's 23rd birthday, but "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" is getting a hi-def rerelease.

The upcoming disc from Twentieth Century Fox and MGM looks like it'll be sporting some new features beyond what hit the 2005 DVD release which collected both "Excellent Adventure" and "Bogus Journey." But with all of the new content, it looks like we're not getting the "making of" and "Historical Personages" featurettes.

Here's what will be on the disc:

Theatrical Feature

Air Guitar Tutorial with Bjorn Turoque & The Rockness Monster

One Sweet and Sour Chinese Adventure to Go

Radio Spots

Theatrical Trailer

The disc hits on October 3rd with 5.1 DTS audio. Interestingly, it's on the way as Keanu Reeves has been making noise about a second sequel potentially under development with original director Stephen Herek, showing the titular leads dealing with life in middle age after not saving the world with their music, a premise that seems like it might be going to some dark places even after the characters have already been to hell and back.