Check Out These Rare Images From 'Firefly - A Celebration'

It's the gorram tenth anniversary of "Firefly," so it looks like Browncoats are going to be doing it up with one of biggest parties in the 'verse. Kicking that off, a reprint of Titan Books' best-selling "Firefly - A Celebration" in a fancy new casing worthy of the Tams themselves. Well, Simon, maybe.

Courtesy of Titan Books, we've also got a look for you at four very rare images from Firefly that will show up in the book, but have yet to pop up online - until now. You can check them out below, and pick up the Anniversary Edition of "Firefly - A Celebration" on October 2nd. Oh, and in case you didn't know, "Firefly" is available now on Blu-Ray™ and DVD from FOX.

Firefly - A Celebration (Anniversary Edition)

Titan’s three bestselling Firefly titles collected together at last, just in time for the 10th anniversary of Joss Whedon’s beloved series. This huge, 544 page full color volume is simply one of the most lavish books ever produced for a TV show, and is presented in a foil-stamped leather-effect binding, with bonus unseen photo prints of the cast and a facsimile banknote.