Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012: Castle Grayskull Is Coming To Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics... Maybe

During Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012, Mattel's annual panel proved to reveal one of the biggest announcements for the Masters of the Universe Classics toy line since its inception: Castle Grayskull! That's right He-Fans, a huge playset is the focus of, what was dubbed in their slideshow presentation, "The Castle Grayskull Experiment". He-Man's home away from home has been requested incessantly for years, so the pop from the crowd in attendance was both predictable AND practically deafening-- and rightfully so! However, as Scott Neitlich (Mattel's Brand Manager for MOTUC) began to explain, getting the massive Castle Grayskull as a centerpiece for the collection will totally depend on the fans themselves.

That picture above is NOT the Classics version of Grayskull, but the original prototype for the vintage playset. The basic facts were given about Grayskull in the presentation slide:

-Very difficult to even start-- sculpt, too...

-Went to management to explore all options...

-Non sculpt preorder worth exploring

-Available to preorder Fall 2012

-If min met, will ship 2013

-Due to huge amount of design work, we don not have the resources to build a "looks like model"

-Presale off of B-Sheet only

-Approx. $200.00

Further details were then discussed as well, such as it closely resembling the original toy prototype design (which also happens to look a lot like this), and that it would not feature any electronic components, thus allowing it to ship internationally. While throwing down a couple hundred bucks for a toy sight unseen might seem a little iffy, Eric Treadaway and the other members of the Four Horsemen are almost beyond reproach in regards to MOTU-based toys and this is the pinnacle of what they've been working towards. I say it's a pretty safe bet that Castle Grayskull will knock your fur-covered boots off!

For more on Masters of the Universe Classics, be sure to check out the Matty Collector website! As for Power-Con, look no further than the world's largest He-Man fansite: He-Man.Org!

Full details and B-Sheet to be revealed at NYCC next Month!

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