'Community' Fan Comic Imagines A Season 4 Without Dan Harmon

I've always considered "Community" a TV show ripe for the comic book treatment, and David Yoder has taken up the challenge. His "A Fan Comic About Community" imagines -- as I'm sure a lot of fans are -- a Fourth Season without creator/showrunner Dan Harmon. What he comes up with isn't too pretty...for example, Pierce "body-swapped" with a woman? David Spade as the new dean? Jeff as a juicer? It's a special kind of hell.

But as the comic goes on to show, Harmon is solidly in heaven, and takes Abed on an out-of-body experience to give him the full picture of what has happened to their beloved Greendale:

Is, like in this comic, the new season of "Community" going to rely on a bunch of wacky plot devices to make up for the loss of Dan Harmon? Will body-swap Pierce really marry Chang? Regardless, it's great to get an extra dose of my favorite show before it premieres...even if, as Abed notes, it is a "fan-fic" comic.

You can read (and buy a copy to own) "A Fan Comic About Community" here!

Via Pop Candy

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