Inflatable Ride-In Dalek Teaches Kids How To Exterminate!

Daleks are easily the "Whoniverse's" most beloved bad guys and now the little "Doctor Who" fans have a chance to drive one! That's right, the Ride-in Dalek you see above is basically an electric go-kart, done up in awesome Dalek fashion, that kids can drive around the house or neighborhood to handle the daily exterminations!

Standing about 50-inches tall, the Ride-in Dalek comes in either red or blue color variations and is comprised of three separate parts – the head, the body and the base. The padded bumper around the base ensures no damage will come to your home while the 6 volt rechargeable battery has the youngsters scooting around the house.

The best part about the Ride In Dalek has to be the included sounds and phrases. While piloting the Dalek from the illuminated cockpit, the driver has access to 10 different sound effects and Dalek phrases, and can even control the manipulator and exterior arms! On top of that, they offer full 360 degree movement and offer up very simple controls so no one gets confused.

Once the fun has ended for the day, the Ride In Dalek can be broken down into three parts and stored under a bed or in the closet. They originally cost around $325, but it looks like Firebox is having a killer sale, offering up the Doctor Who inspired rides at 50% off, for a total just under $163. See them in action below!

Sadly, there is no adult-sized version for us big kids.