The Daily Geek: An Animated 'Firefly', Stephen King's 'Avengers' And More

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- ANIMATED FIREFLY! Nathan Fillion wants an animated "Firefly" series! [MTV Splash Page]

Fillion Wants a 'Firefly' Animated Series

- MOORE KNIGHT'S TALE? "Battlestar's" Ronald D. Moore is turning the Heath Ledger flick "A Knight's Tale" into a TV show. [MTV Movies Blog]

THE NORTHEAST AVENGERS! What if Stephen King had his own Avengers?

- CRABAPPLE OCCUPIES Molly Crabapple illustrates and writes about her arrest during the one year anniversary protests of OWS. [Boing Boing]

- YOUR MOTHER SUCKS YARN IN THE FABRIC SHOP! Yarn "Exorcist" dolls! [Croshame]

- SCOOBY DOO! "Hunger Games" bad lip reading! My new favorite thing! [Dangerous Minds]

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