A Look At 'Game of Thrones' Special Effects: Dragons, Castles And Direwolves

Special effects may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of "Game of Thrones," but the second season was full of computer generated goodness. Not just dragons and direwolves either. Many of the sprawling locations required a lot of CGI work to feel as expansive as they appeared. Now a video from Pixomondo, the Creative Arts Emmy Winner for outstanding special visual effects for their work on the series, is giving us a different look at season 2.

While scenes like the the Battle of Blackwater made it pretty obvious that special effects were in play, there were other moments in season 2 where we would have never thought about it, as Pixomondo did such a great job making it feel like we were actually in Westeros. Check out the video below and watch all of the dragons, direwolves and epic locations come to life.

Increasing the height of the walls at King's Landing is one thing, but one of the most impressive moments, in my opinion, has to be the fact that the walls of Qarth don't even exist. I expected there would be a least some sort of towering structure, but as the video shows the only thing Pixomondo really had to work with were the doors. I'm sure we'll be seeing even more impressive work next year.

"Game of Thrones" returns to HBO for its third season in March 2013