Apple Maps Is A Bust And People Aren't Happy

Apple seemed pretty excited to show off their new Maps app (replacing Google's) that launched with iOS 6, but now that everyone's had a chance to get their hands on it, things are looking pretty sour. Not only are some well-known locations labeled completely wrong in the new app, some are entirely absent, while others have been duplicated or moved. Needless to say, iOS users are pretty frustrated at the moment.

One of the most hilarious errors has to be the whole Airfield House fiasco. According to Ireland's Breaking News, Irish Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter has requested that Apple remove the airport icon from the Airfield House location. Why? Because Airfield House is not an airport, it's a farm.

Airfield House is just one of Apple's mapping mistakes. According to the BBC several locations in Europe have been moved or are missing. Stratford-upon-Avon and Solihull appears to be completely absent. Uckfield and East Sussex are in the wrong location. Images of various locations in Scotland are covered by clouds. There's a furniture store in the middle of a river and a search for Manchester United Football directed users to a community football team for kids. It's a mess.

So who's to blame for all the mistakes? Well, Tom Tom provided Apple with data to create the app, but they claim that their contribution was only the “foundation” and they're not responsible for how the app actually functions.

The biggest complaint is that Apple users have no other choice than to use Apple's Maps when they update to iOS 6. Google Maps is automatically removed from the device and there is no longer an option to download it from the App Store. Thankfully, anyone still interested in using Google's service on their newly updated device can access Google Maps through Safari.

What errors have you run into using Apple's new app? Has Apple made a grave mistake in switching to their own service, rather than sticking with a proven system? Share your experience in the comments section below!

[Source: CNET]