Justin Jordan Talks The Return Of 'Luther Strode'

"The Strange Talent of Luther Strode" was one of the best comics to come out last year. It was bloody, violent, gory, but most importantly, smart. Tradd Moore's art brought a kinetic energy to every panel, and Justin Jordan proved he has a great ear for dialogue and subversive superhero plotting. Thankfully, the adevntures of the massively mutated Luther is returning this December in "The Legend of Luther Strode" from Image Comics. We caught up with writer Jordan at the Baltimore Comic-Con to get an update on where we'll be seeing our favorite blood-drenched teen hero heading.

BCC 2012: Justin Jordan Teases The Next 'Luther Strode' Series

At New York Comic-Con next month Jordan and Moore will be on hand with an exclusive "Legend of Luther Strode" ashcan to whet our appetite for what's sure to be a killer return of a real-deal future classic.

"The Legend of Luther Strode" comes out December 5.