Miyazaki's 'Princess Mononoke' Coming To The Stage In The U.K.

Studio Ghibli's epic story of the clash between man and nature is getting a theatrical production by London's Whole Hog Theatre Company starting next April. The promotional image above comes from Studio Ghibli Facebook page, where the beloved animation house announced that they would be collaborating with the performers at Whole Hog to bring "Princess Mononoke" to The New Diorama next year.

Checking over on the Whole Hog Theatre Company's page, back in July, almost immediately after they revealed "Princess Mononoke" was their 2013 production, tickets were sold out (it took all of 72 hours).

The production will be comprised of giant puppets made of recycled materials and live, original music (although Joe Hisaishi's score is nothin' to sneeze at) to tell the story of Prince Ashitaka, cursed by a demon and exiled from his home as he seeks a cure. He discovers that the remedy lies somehow in the conflict between a village of weapons makers and the nearby forest guarded by ferocious animal spirits and San, a wolf-girl who lives with them.

As far as Miyazaki works that might potentially make it to the stage, "Mononoke" is perhaps the best candidate, one of his most mature works fraught with all sorts of complicated destructive relationships. And it just happens to be a beautiful movie, to boot.

The performances will take place at The New Diorama from the 2nd through the 6th of April. The Whole Hog Theatre is currently on tour with a production of "Dangerous Liasons."

[Source: Studio Ghibli Facebook page]