We're Near The Bottom Of The Barrel: 'Manimal' CG/Live-Action Movie in the Works

Sure, it only had an eight episode run back in '83, and of course it's better known for its ridiculous title and cheesy concept, but that doesn't mean "Manimal" isn't movie-worthy, right? At least, that's the thinking going on at Sony, who, following the announcement that they were developing an "ALF" movie, is continuing to mine the depths of the 80's with a proposed CG/live-action hybrid feature based on the short-lived crime fighting drama.

For the uninitiated, "Manimal" followed dapper Professor Jonathan Chase (Simon MacCorkindale) who had the ability to transform into a variety of animals. He used this strange and special power to fight crime on the mean streets of New York alongside NYPD Detective Brooke McKenzie ("Flash Gordon's" Melody Anderson), and his streetwise (that means black) buddy Tyrone (Michael C. Roberts, "Ice Pirates"). The series was the brainchild of "Battlestar Galactica" creator Glen A. Larson and the mind reels that in 2012 I'm writing a story about a "Manimal" movie.

Collider's piece about the project rightly points out that Sony might want to go light and silly with the concept, and the fact that it's going to have CG elements a la "The Smurfs" would seem to indicate that's the direction they're headed. Currently no writing or directing team is attached, but once a creative team is on board, we'll have a better idea of where Sony plans to go with the concept.

[Source: Collider]

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