The Top Ten Judges In The History Of 'Dredd'

Since it's inception, Mega-City One has been host to every form of crime, from block wars to nuclear attack, and even the attempted genocide of the entire city at the hands of the Dark Judges. In all that time only one thing has been constant: the Judges. With the upcoming release of "Dredd 3D" this Friday, the 21st, it was about time for a top ten list counting down some of the most upstanding, and wretchedly vile Judges to ever grace the streets of the "Big Meg". Can you guess who'll be number one? Cause if you can't, then your guessing skills are seriously, seriously lacking.

10. Judge Dekker - A female street Judge is not always the most glamorous of lives in the Big Meg, but Dekker proved herself time and again as a Judge. No psychic powers, no working her way up the ladder of command-- just a trusted officer. She tragically died, helping fight off hordes of zombies during the Judgement Day. A fine end indeed.

9. Judge McGruder - The rough-n'-tumble female Judge not only brought justice to Mega-City One as the first female Chief Judge, but also dished out justice to the mutants and downtrodden in the Cursed Earth, before (like Dredd) returning to turn the tide during the Big Meg's time of need. Oh, and did I mention she has proudly sported facial hair? Now, THAT's a lady!

8. Judge Cal - The depraved Cal"igula" makes the list for being a Chief Judge, yet practically destroying Mega-City One during his time in charge. However, even though millions died under his reign, he mostly gets this spot for naming a goldfish to the position of Deputy Chief Judge. A goldfish!

7. Judge Giant - The son of a previous Judge (also Judge Giant), Clay made the list for some of the exploits he did while being just a cadet. During the "Necropolis" storyline, Giant led a group of other cadets against the massive forces of Judge Death. That was one of only a few of his exploits as Giant became one of Dredd's most trusted partners-- not an easy list to make.

6. Judge Fargo - How badass of a Judge is Fargo? Such a pile of hardcore law enforcement that they used the former Chief Judge's DNA to clone Judges Rico and Joe Dredd! Yes, Fargo is the blueprint for *SPOILER ALERT* the greatest Judge in Mega-City One's history.

5. Judge Barbera Hershey - Judge Hershey has been involved in some of the greatest battles in all of 2000AD history. She accompanied Dredd in the hunt for the Judge Child, helped end the Apocalypse War, and became the youngest (and longest tenured) Chief Judge. That's a lot of accomplishments for one person in a comic where no one is safe from the barbaric and senseless acts of violence that permeate every corner of Meg-City One!

4. Judge Rico - Rico is a clone of Fargo and has proven in the comic stories to be a younger version of his clone-brother Joe Dredd in resourcefulness and the willingness to do what it takes to bring lawbreakers to justice. Rico has worked with the mutants in the Cursed Earth, patrolled the streets of Mega-City One and has already lost both a lung and his jaw in the line of duty. Eventually, since 2000AD ages Dredd in real-time, Rico will most likely be his successor.

3. Judge Death - Arguably the most recognizable Judge, next to Dredd, Death made his way to Mega-City One from Deadworld and began systematically killing thousands and thousands of citizens. While Dredd has battled Death on a couple occasions, the undead spirit's true enemy lies in the guise of Psi-Judge Anderson who knows his true history and has, on one occasion, even trapped the Dark Judge inside herself.

2. Psi-Judge Anderson - Cassandra Anderson has a history of incredible comic stories second only to Dredd himself! She is gifted with psychic abilities that have made her the bane of existence for even the worst of the worst; namely, Judge Death. Unlike Dredd, who uses special treatments for sustaining his life far beyond normal means, Anderson is part of the Psi Division and can't use such treatments, so with the real-time aging in the 2000AD comics, she may be retired long before "Ol' Stoneface".

1. Judge Joe Dredd - The man himself is the obvious number 1 pick. How could he not be?! Cloned from Judge Fargo, Dredd has been groomed since birth to be the best of the best. He has helped end nuclear war, tamed the Cursed Earth, has defeated Death himself. Oh, and don't forget about taking down Satanus-- the friggin' T-Rex! Fighting a dinosaur instantly gives someone a tough-as-nails reputation. As mentioned before, the characters in 2000AD age in real-time, and even with all of his special sleep treatments, Dredd is getting up there in years. Think of him as Clint Eastwood tearing ass through the streets on a weaponized motorbike. A Clint Eastwood that doesn't talk to chairs, anyway.

For more on the Judges and their own brand of sentencing, be sure to check out the weekly exploits in 2000 AD and the upcoming Judge Dredd comic by IDW. As for "Dredd 3D," the official website is live now!

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