Sword of Sorcery, Walking Dead, And Snarked: New Comics For September 19th

This week’s comics are once again dominated by a slew of "Zero Month" issues out of DC Comics. The most anticipated? SWORD OF SORCERY #0, which brings writer Christy Marx into the DCU. Beyond raising the female writing ratio on DC books by 33% (don’t check our math on that), Marx is right in her wheelhouse with a new take on Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. There’s also a Beowulf back-up by Tony Bedard, so yay, fantasy!

Other than that, WONDER WOMAN #0 is a look back at young Diana; JUSTICE LEAGUE #0 introduces the brand new Shazam; and BIRDS OF PREY #0 delves more into the origin of Starling, our (so far) fave new character of the New 52.

Over at Marvel, big things a-brewin’ over in ULTIMATE COMICS ULTIMATES #15, which you may be able to read something about on this very website. There’s also AVENGERS ACADEMY #37, continuing the incredible “Final Exam” arc... Last issue had one of the best and most romantic sequences of the entire series, so we’ll see if there’s any way that can get topped. DAREDEVIL #18 is just probably the best comic in existence; and in SPIDER-MEN #5, Miles Morales bites Peter Parker, just to see what happens. Not really, but I’d love to see that. Mr. Bendis?

Image Comics has a trio of titles we’re looking forward to: WALKING DEAD #102 hopefully continues the title’s trend of taking things in directions we were not even remotely expecting; LIL DEPRESSED BOY #13 should be a great issue, because it’s number thirteen and that probably spells awfulness for our sad-sack hero; and REVIVAL #3 is the weirdest take on zombies yet (in that they aren’t even really zombies), and we’re dying PUN INTENDED to know what’s going on.

IDW releases GODZILLA #5 and STAR TREK #13 two of our favorite movie-based comics being released. The former is monster mayhem at it’s best; the latter has gained new life in the past few issues, including a fun two issue take on the classic Tribbles episode. As we gear up to (sigh) Star Trek Into Darkness, it’ll be interesting to see what seeds get planted.

BOOM, meanwhile, wraps up the run of the excellent all-ages ROGER LANGRIDGE’S SNARKED #12. We’re sad to see it go, but excited to see a Langridge title conclude on its own terms. Also good for everyone are ATOMIC ROBO: FLYING SHE DEVILS OF THE PACIFIC #3 and ATOMIC ROBO: REAL SCIENCE ADVENTURES #6, which may be mid to end run, but easy to jump on board. Oh, and speaking of runs: Greg Pak’s long awaited DEAD MANS RUN #3 hits stands, and we’ve been missing some fun hell-break adventures.

That’s it! See you next week, as we wrap up Zero Month!