Marvel Fans Vote to Select Next HeroClix Figure

If you're already getting tired of Barack vs. Mitt, WizKids is giving you an easier decision to make this Fall with the HeroClix Fan Decision 2012. Marvel Comics fans are in the middle of a three-round vote to select a figure for an upcoming Summer 2013 HeroClix expansion.

Some Marvel D-listers have already been knocked out of the race; this week we'll wave goodbye to Xemnu, Hellcat, 3-D Man, Executioner, Annihilus, and Major Victory. A menagerie of six heroes and villains still remains in contention, so there's still time to influence the vote in round two.

Among the remaining choices are Death's Head, Ghost Rider, Ikon, Mangong, Silver Sable, and Sleepwalker. I may not be as well-steeped in Marvel Comics lore as the rest of the MTV Geek crew, but these are definitely some slightly more recognizable characters.

I was surprised to see that of the six, Silver Sable is the only character who has previously been included in a HeroClix set, especially given the larger pop culture awareness of a character such as Ghost Rider. Looking further into the details, it turns out that Ghost Rider is billed as a first appearance HeroClix figure because this one would be of the character's new female version.

Previous HeroClix incarnations of Ghost Rider and Silver Sable

Here's a bigger surprise, though. An unofficial poll on the HeroClix fan forums puts the flaming skull back in last place, tied with Mangong (as of Sunday, Sept. 16th). The character in the lead? That'd be Sleepwalker.

Voting for round two will be open until 10PM on Thursday, September 20th, after which the field will be cut in half again. Three remaining characters will duke it out for the final selection to see who will be immortalized in HeroClix form.