DC Zero Month, Week Three Reviews: 'Captain Atom,' 'Catwoman,' 'DC Universe Presents,' And 'Green Lantern: New Guardians '

This September, DC Comics is turning it all the way back to zero, taking a look at what went on in the DCU before the New 52. Like we did a year ago with the first month of DC’s new universe, we’re going to give you some looks at all the "Zero Month" titles coming out over the next few weeks.

So here we go:


Written by J.T. Krul and Freddie Williams II, Art By Freddie Williams II

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Captain Nathaniel Adam, having suffered tragedy in his past, volunteers for a military experiment. When it goes wrong, he becomes the hero known only as Captain Atom!

BEST BIT: The last page is rather pretty.

WORST BIT: I'm not sure this issue tells us anything new about Captain Atom.

ANY BIG REVELATIONS/TEASES? It's entirely possible that there may only be eleven universes in the DC Universe right now.

ARE WE BACK FOR ISSUE #13? Well, it's cancelled, so no. As a finale, I'm not sure this really puts a capper on the character either, but I expect he'll show up later in another title, so no worries there.


Written by Ann Nocenti, Art By Adrianna Melo

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? A young girl named Selina Kyle finds out that her background may not be exactly what she thinks it is.

BEST BIT: She might be Russian! Selina Kylevitch! (Not really)

WORST BIT: Selina Kyle's origin from Batman Returns is now in continuity, which, mind you, isn't as bad as the cat idol thing from the Catwoman movie, but still.

ANY BIG REVELATIONS/TEASES? See the description! This ain't your grandmother's girl who steals stuff because she likes it - she's also been brainwashed or something and is maybe the Black Widow I don't know.

ARE WE BACK FOR ISSUE #13? No, sorry. This is the opposite end of the spectrum from Judd Winick's penetration loving Catwoman of a year ago, which is good; but it's far too complicated, which is bad. We need something in the middle.


Written by A Bunch Of Guys, Art By More Guys

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Cancelled comics get one more chance, as we get origins and final stories for OMAC, Blackhawks, Deadman, Hawk & Dove, and Mr. Terrific.

BEST BIT: "Origins Matter After Cancellation." Heh.

WORST BIT: The Hawk & Dove story functions as an origin, but it's easily the most confusing of the bunch.

ANY BIG REVELATIONS/TEASES? Mr. Terrific's story will continue in Earth 2, with some big teasers there; and there's a new character in the Blackhawks story that will probably show up again some day.

ARE WE BACK FOR ISSUE #13? Nothing having to do with this issue, but next time the excellent Marc Andreyko introduces Black Lightning and Blue Devil into the New 52... So yes.


Written by Tony Bedard, Art By Aaron Kuder

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? In the aftermath of Green Lantern #0, Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris search the cemetery where Hal Jordan and Sinestro fought Black Hand for clues. Also: zombies.

BEST BIT: There's a great double page splash right in the middle of Kyle and Carol fighting the undead.

WORST BIT: Like most of the New Guardians, this feels like a deliberate side-show to the main event in Green Lantern.

ANY BIG REVELATIONS/TEASES? The next few months of stories are pretty much laid out for us in detail. So yes, there are teases.

ARE WE BACK FOR ISSUE #13? If Green Lantern refocuses on the new guy Baz, and this refocuses on Kyle and Carol searching for Hal, then yeah, probably, as this will stop feeling like a second tier title. It's well written, and the art is fab... Plus we have a soft spot for old crab mask, so we'll probably give the next issue at least another try.

"Captain Atom" #0, "Catwoman" #0, "DC Universe Presents" #0, and "Green Lantern: New Guardians" #0< all hit comic book stores on September 19th from DC Comics!