How Long Will We Have To Wait For A New Indie Graphic Novel From Jeff Lemire?

Jeff Lemire's "The Underwater Welder," fromt Top Shelf Comix is easily one of the best graphic novels of the year. It's sincere, heartbreaking, and beautifully illustrated in Lemire's delicate, offbeat style. And when a talent like Lemire unleashes something as special "Welder" the first thing us selfish fans want to know is when we'll get more! Well, we caught up with Lemire at the Baltimore Comic-Con and he told us when we can expect another heartrending "Underwater Welder"-type epic:

BCC 2012: When Can We Expect A New Indie Work From Jeff Lemire

Ya see, Lemire's a busy dude these days with his work on DC's "Animal Man," "Justice League: Dark" and other projects that are yet to be announced. So that means we gotta wait! But, thankfully he shared with us some details about "Animal Man's" massive crossover event "Rotworld" with Scott Snyder's "Swamp Thing" which was highlighted in both titles' "Zero Month" issues:

BCC 2012: Jeff Lemire On 'The Rot' Of 'Animal Man'

"Animal Man" #0 and "The Underwater Welder" is on shelves now.