Return To Ravnica's 'Rakdos Charm' Is A Versatile New 'Magic: The Gathering' Card

Earlier this week, took a look at what players should expect from Magic: The Gathering's new Return to Ravnica set. With five of the ten guilds of Ravnica returning, and the other five set to appear in an upcoming set, it's an exciting time for Magic players. The Ravnica setting hasn't been seen since 2006, and its signature hybrid card strategies are going to get a shot in the arm with what looks to be three large sets in the upcoming block.

Today, we'll be revealed a new card from the Return to Ravnica set: Rakdos Charm.

A versatile Instant to say the least, Rakdos Charm will find a place in Cult of Rakdos-themed decks that need to plan for the unexpected. Rakdos Charm joins the ranks of several Magic cards such as Nihil SpellbombScavenging Ooze, or Leyline of the Void, which are meant to punish opponents with graveyard-based strategies. If that doesn't match your opponent's style, though, Rakdos Charm offers a safety valve in allowing you to knock out an artifact or potentially deal a large dose of damage.

This card won't be the feature card of any deck, but what you get is well worth its cost in mana, so don't be surprised if you get caught on the wrong end of a few Rakdos Charms in Return to Ravnica play this fall.

Return to Ravnica is still almost a month away, but check the schedule of your local game store, as preview events will be running throughout the last weekend in September.