Apple Reveals New iPod Touch, iPod Nano And EarPods!

While the iPhone 5 reveal may have been the big news of the day, Apple also took time out of today's event in San Francisco to introduce new iPod Touch and iPod nano models. Both received some major upgrades, but the new iPod Touch was definitely the star of the show, getting a full range of color options, a new camera and much more.

I never thought Apple would be able to make a thinner device when I first got my hands on the fourth generation iPod Touch, but somehow those Cuprertino crazies pulled it off. Even more surprising is how many new features they were able to cram into the new version, while still making it smaller. The fifth generation iPod Touch not only sports a longer battery life and larger screen (the same size as the iPhone 5), Apple has even upgraded the camera to their iSight 5 megapixel shooter and added an LED flash.

On top of of all that, the new iPod Touch comes in 5 different colors, opposed to the normal black or white models we've see in the past. This will also be the first iPod model to get Siri functionality and a new feature simply called, the loop. The loop is just what it sounds like, a small loop attached to the bottom of the device to help ensure you don't drop it while your snapping a photo or feverishly messaging one of your friends.

Also revealed during Apple's keynote was the new iPod nano. This version takes on a more elongated form, similar to the touch, and features a screen that's 2x larger than the one found on previous iPod nano models. There are 7 colors to choose from this time around and the new nano has also been equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and an FM Tuner for those days when your iTunes library just isn't cutting it.

Both new iPod versions utilize Apple's new Lightning connector, which replaces the 30-pin connector we've been dealing with since the first iPod showed up in stores.

While we're on the subject of iPods we should also mention Apple's new standard headphones, dubbed EarPods. I for one have always disliked Apple's earbuds – they just never seemed to fit right and I was always left heading out to find a pair elsewhere. EarPods, on the other hand, look promising. It's a completely new design they claim to have been working on for the past 3 years. According to Apple, “They sound unlike any earbuds you’ve ever heard. And the audio quality is so superior, they rival high-end headphones.” You can grab a pair and find out for yourself beginning today for about $30.

The new iPod Touch will start at $299 for the 32GB model, while the new iPod nano will set you back $149. Pre-orders begin on September 14th and both versions will begin shipping in October.