The 5 Best Professor X Stories


With Charles Xavier gone for good as of this week’s "Avengers vs. X-Men" #11, we thought we’d take a fond look back through the history of the man who made the X-Men. Here are five of the best Professor X stories, ever:

5. X-Men: Deadly Genesis

There’s plenty of “Professor Xavier Is A Jerk!” stories that have been written over the years – including one that used that very famous title – but this is one of the best. Written by Ed Brubaker, the story told the tale of the X-Men that tried to take down the island of Krakoa before the All-New All-Different X-Men did… With much poorer results. Here, Chuck is forced to face his mistakes, and the sad death of fan-favorite Banshee.

4. Uncanny X-Men #161

Chris Claremont wrote this seminal issue, which fleshed out the back-story and relationship between Charles Xavier and his diametric opposite, Magneto. In addition, it laid the seeds – both literally and figuratively – for the introduction of Xavier’s son, Legion. Also: they fight Nazis.

3. Pretty Much Anything Involving The Starjammers

There was a long period of time where Professor X traveled in space with the pirate heroes the Starjammers, and romanced the queen of the Shi’ar. That was pretty sweet.

2. Legion Quest

This preceded one of the greatest epics in X-Men history – the Age of Apocalypse – so for that alone, it demands a place on any list. But the real reason its here is that we get yet another underscoring of Xavier’s importance to the world, and history, when his son Legion tries to travel back in time and kill Magneto… Ostensibly to make his Father triumphant, but as you can imagine, with poor results.

1. X-Men Legacy #208-#219

For, I think, the first time, in 2008, Professor X got his own solo series. After getting shot in the head, Xavier sets out on his own on a journey of self discovery, and writer Mike Carey’s razor sharp focus on character give us, really, the first time we get to see the story from his side of things, rather than reacting to the students in his school. Funny, that you’d have to take him out of the setting he’s best known for to get to know the guy, but it works.

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