Classic Anime 'The Rose of Versailles' Licensed by Nozomi, To Begin Streaming via Viki

The 40-episode series featuring heated intrigues and gender-bending drama set just before the French Revolution is coming to DVD in 2013 with a streaming release set to premiere during New York Comic-Con.

The 1979-1980 series was based on the shoujo manga from "Dear Brother" creator Riyoko Ikeda. That 10-volume manga inspired several stage musicals as well as the 1979 live-action film "Lady Oscar" by French director Jacques Demy.

Each adaptation tells the story of Oscar François de Jarjayes, a young woman raised from birth as a boy by her father in the hopes of training her to take on his role as leader of the elite palace guards.

Nozomi hasn't announced any details about the DVD release, but you can catch the first episode of the series starting in December through their Viki streaming service ( Additionally, the manga and anime publisher will be holding a Q&A with series creator Ikeda via their official site.

You might also want to hit up Viki's just-launched YouTube channel where in addition to The Rose of Versailles, they'll be streaming classic works from Tezuka including Astro Boy.

You can see the trailer below: