Interview: Erik Larsen Tells Us What's Been Delaying His 'Savage Dragon' Treasury Edition

At this past weekend's Baltimore Comic-Con, Image co-founder and "Savage Dragon" creator Erik Larsen updated us on all things "Savage." He told us his plans to finally unleash his "Treasury Edition," featuring all new characters, which he's been working on with Bruce Timm and other artists for years now. What's been holding the project up? Well...Larsen himself it seems. Check out the video for more:

Erik Larsen Talks The 'Savage Dragon' Treasury Edition

Larsen then told us what's going down, narratively, in his long-running series including the upcoming face-off with The Overlord and how the book's "real-time" timeline affects the story. Check out the vid for more:

Erik Larsen Updates Us On 'Savage Dragon'

The newest "Savage Dragon" collection, "Savage Dragon: Invasion" hits shelves today from Image Comics! Read a preview by clicking the image below.