'Doctor Who' Celebrates 50 With A Collector's Edition Monopoly Game!

Bow ties are cool. But this Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Monopoly set from the fine folks over at USAopoly, is way cooler. Not only does the game board span the entire "Doctor Who" universe, including properties based on 22 different episodes, it also features all 11 Doctors! Head past the break for all the details!

Like any Monopoly game, players will make their way around the board buying up properties. However, rather than offering up Atlantic City hot-spots as the original did, this Doctor Who themed edition sees players purchasing different episodes from the series' long history. Featured episodes include "The Poison Sky," "A Good Man Goes to War," "Genesis of the Daleks," and "Omega," and each one features a memorable screen grab.

The tokens that players move around the board have also been customized for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Monopoly set. Each one is based on an iconic item from the show, such as a bow tie, umbrella scarf and, of course, the Sonic Screwdriver.

While this version of the game (other Doctor Who Monopoly games have cropped up in the past) is sadly not available yet, you can get on jump on things by heading over to Entertainment Earth to place a pre-order. It will set you back about $40 and the game is set to ship sometime in October.

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