Want To Hang Out With (The Adventures Of) Pete and Pete?

At 4:00pm today on My Damn Channel Live!, the stars of the cult fave Nickelodeon show "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" will be hanging out and chatting about their work on the show, and more. You can watch it at 4pm, or we've got a sneak peak at some of the Q&A that may come up, from the mouths (well, keyboards) of Mike Maronna and Danny Tamberelli, aka Pete and Pete themselves! Read on:

Geek: "Pete & Pete" had some awesome guest stars. Did you have a favorite? Any fun stories?

Mike Maronna: I wish Frank Black had played Franklin Blackmun, private eye.

Danny Tamberelli: My favorites were Chris Elliott and Iggy Pop, we had a lot of fun playing music and cracking jokes on set.

Geek: Who WAS Mr Tastee? Or who do you like to think was inside of the Mr. Tastee costume?

DT: Mr Tastee to me was the childhood mystery that we all have inside. I think he was Santa's skinny hipster brother. I mean look at his searsucker getup?

Geek: Favorite Nickelodeon show that you didn't star in?

MM: "You Can't Do That On Television."

DT: "You Can't Do That On Television." I second that

Geek: Other than "Pete & Pete" of course, what TV show that you'd like to see reunite?

MM: "Knight Rider."

DT: "Mr.Show."

Geek: You'll be playing Truth or Dare on the show today... If you could dare each other to do anything, what would it be?

MM: Only breathe through your butt for a month.

DT: Collect your boogers in a jar until filled and eat in one sitting.

You can watch way more of this, live on My Damn Channel today at 4pm!