Will There Be More 'Watchmen'? Maybe After The Collected Editions, Says DC

Are there more "Watchmen" comics on the horizon? We caught up with DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio at Baltimore Comic-Con and his answer was: maybe.

It all depends, he explained, on the sales of the collected editions of "Before Watchmen". In other news, there are going to be collected editions of "Before Watchmen," which "will sit side-by-side with the 'Watchmen' books". Here's the full scoop:

BCC 2012: Dan DiDio Discusses If There Will Be More 'Before Watchmen'?

Will this strategy work? Will fans snatch up all the "Before Watchmen" volumes in bookstores and on Amazon.com -- sending the signal to DC Comics that, I dunno, maybe they need to put out a "Watchmen" ongoing?

It's not rocket science to guess that "Before Watchmen" collected editions will automatically sell a certain amount of copies -- and it doesn't take the prognostication skills of Nostradamus to predict that in a world where every character and her fake mother from a parallel earth has their own comics, the Watchmen "gang" will surely follow suit ("After Watchmen"?). To me, the question is not if, but when. A Spring 2013 DC Comics digital catalog for the book market revealed no such "Before Watchmen" hardcovers...might they start dropping in the Summer of next year, with a San Diego Comic-Con promotional blitz?

Another intriguing hint DiDio dropped was the possibility of some sort of "Before Watchmen" black-and-white artist's edition volumes:

BCC 2012: Dan DiDio Talks A Black and White 'Before Watchmen'?

The side-by-side Andy/Joe Kubert "Nite Owl" edition sounds the most interesting here. So add "Before Watchmen: Black and White" (I totally made that title up) to the list.