Mark Waid, Paolo Rivera And Joe Rivera Talk Their Harvey Award Wins For 'Daredevil'

It was a good night for Mark Waid and company at this weekend's Harvey Awards during Baltimore Comic-Con. Waid, artist Paolo Rivera and inker Joe (father of Paolo) Rivera took home "Best New Series," "Best Continuing Series," "Best Writer," and "Best Inker" prizes for their colorful, sprited reinvention of the adventures of "Daredevil".

We spoke with Waid the day after his big win and the writer had this to say:

BCC 2012: Mark Waid Talks His Harvey Wins

The most startling of the "Daredevil" awards was likely Joe Rivera's win for "Best Inker." And not because his work in undeserving, but because the artist is brand-spankin' new to comics. Joe is the father of "Daredevil" artist Paolo and typically uses his talents to paint motorcycles, but Paolo turned to his dad when his search for a suitable inking partner proved fruitless. We caught up with the duo after the event and they discussed what it's like to work as father and son.

BCC 2012: Paolo And Joe Rivera Talk 'Daredevil'