Flash The 'Call Me' Sign And Really Mean It With These Bluetooth Talking Gloves!

I'd imagine people have been throwing the “call me” hand signal at potential dates while they walked away ever since the modern telephone was introduced. Now, Italy's hi-Fun is turning the gesture into an actual way to carry on a phone conversation, thanks to a pair of Bluetooth enabled gloves.

Dubbed hi-Call, the standard looking gloves can be paired to any Bluetooth enabled phone within about 40-feet. A small speaker is built-in to the glove's thumb, a microphone lives in the pinky and a set of buttons on the wrist allow users to accept, reject or hang-up phone calls.

If the paired phone happens to have a voice-dialing feature, users can simply hold up there hand, press a button on their wrist and speak to their pinky. Phones without voice-dialing, on the other hand, will need to be accessed and dialed independently. Either way, once a call is made, future calls to that number can be placed using the glove's “last number” function.

The gloves sport a lithium-ion battery that, like most portable electronics these days, is charged using an included USB cable. hi-Fun says the battery should last about ten days on standby, or for up to 20 hours of actual talk-time. You'll be able to grab a pair next month for about $64.

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