Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Sunday Is For Cosplay

The last (well, second) day of Baltimore Comic Con wasn't a more relaxed atmosphere, just for kids and their families (though there was plenty of that, too. Nope, Day 2 was all about the Cosplay, cresting in the big contest mid-afternoon. We may have missed the contest itself (did one of the approximately 3,000 Poison Ivy cosplayers win? Probably), but we did snag a bunch of costumed fans on the way in - and out:

Black Widow gets in a compromising position.

Hawkeyes Clint Barton and Kate Bishop take aim.

It might be a bit hard to tell, but this is a fully posable and movable Lego Batman costume. Seriously.

Heya, pal! It's Bane and Harley!

Super Mario Sisters!

Guy gets ready for his big spotlight in this week's Green Lantern Corps.

Fun-fact! This is the same cosplayer from the great Captain Marvel costume from the previous day. Her name is Lindsey Cepak, and you can check out her Tumblr here!

Burn before the touch of the Man-Thing!

Zatanna and Poison Ivy versus Kick-Ass? Yeah, that's not a fair fight.

Darth Maul, back from the Clone Wars.

X-23 and Psylocke? We'd read that series.

We THINK there was a Silence right off camera in this shot of The Doctor and Amy Pond, but can't quite remember...

Pirate Deadpool!

Don't let them get Crossed with you!

Hipster Ariel thinks doing the Hipster Ariel face is SO last year.

When Supergirls go bad...

If you can believe it, that's actually a regular sized Spawn, crouching; not a tiny baby Spawn.

Thor and Loki get gender-bent.

What is this supposed to be? Probably some anime characters or something.

More Poison Ivy cosplay.

All of Baltimore Comic-Con kneels before Doctor Doom.