Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: DC Cosplays With Power (Girl)

DC Comics cosplay - particularly Jokers and Harley Quinns - would have been the dominant costume at this year's Baltimore Comic-Con, if it wasn't for the discount at the Poison Ivy Warehouse. See what we mean, in our round-up of some of the best New (and Old) 52 cosplay:

Robin vs. Catman: This Time It's Animal Themed

Hey Harley Quinn and Deadpool! It's All Fun And Games Until You Both Kill Everyone

Wonder Woman and Vixen!

Now You're Playing With Power (Girl)

That Girl Is Poison

Q: How Can You Make Your Luck Worse As A Red Shirt? A: Hang Out With The Joker And Harley Quinn

Chic Poison Ivy Is Ready For A Night On The Town

We're Pretty Sure This Is Out Of Continuity

This Ends Up In DC Because Ivy And New 52 Zatanna Outnumber White Queen 2 to 1

Gotham City Sirens!