Baltimore Comic-Con 2012: Marvel NOW! Panel Teases The Return Of New Warriors, Avengers Academy, And More!

With Marvel Comics mostly sitting out Baltimore Comic-Con, it was up to Editor Tom Brevoort to hold down the fort, and hold court on everything coming up the next year as part of Marvel NOW! Luckily, he was also joind by writer Mark Waid for a lively discussion that - for those of us who write for comic book news sites - was not particularly full of news. But fun is good, too, right? Right. Yay for fun.

Not fun? Tech difficulties, which led to Brevoort joking that the art he wanted to show off was, “really good, but you’ll just have to trust me.” While Waid fiddled with the iPad, Brevoort plugged that "Avengers vs. X-Men" was finally 100% done, as of the previous night. Then he opened it up to questions!

What’s next for The Punisher? "Punisher: War Zone", though there will be news in the next seven to fourteen days as to where Frank Castle will be ending up next, which Brevoort characterized as “surprising.”

How about Bullseye? “Would you like to see Bullseye?” asked Waid, staying mum on the subject.

And The Wasp? “It’s not impossible that we might see the Wasp in the next few months,” said Brevoort, adding, “It is likely that you will see The Wasp again shortly.”

Then the tech got hooked up! So Brevoort zoomed through presentation, which was from FanExpoCanada. So you already know about all of that, right? Right.

In the middle of that, though, Brevoort showed off a slide of "Indestructible Hulk", written by Waid. So Waid chatted about the book, which he swore was directly in line with the take on the Hulk in "The Avengers" movie, which he had not seen at the time. “We’ve got some interesting plans,” said Waid.

Showing off the art from the new "Iron Man" #1, Brevoort welcomed a fan on stage to read the book, joking that if he didn’t like it, “don’t tell me.” He did the same thing with "Thor: God of Thunder" #1, "Captain America" #1, and an "FF" story from the Point One intro issue, until the stage was (relatively) packed with fans.

Then, it was BACK to questions!

- Brevoort mentioned that there will be additional X-Men books beyond "All-New X-Men", "X-Men Legacy", and "Wolverine & The X-Men"; and there will be something for "X-Force" beyond Rick Remender’s run.

- Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are working on more for Marvel.

- Colossus has a murky future post-"AvX"

- X-23 will be in a Marvel NOW! book, which will probably be revealed in that next two to three week time period.

- Asked whether the Leader will show up in his Hulk run, Waid said he’s staying away from typical Hulk villains because other writers have done them so well. “That said, I reserve the right to change my mind,” said Waid. “I love guys with giant foreheads!”

- Then it was over to the fans reading books, the first who gave Iron Man an A+, but asked why it had to be renumbered; continuing that he started reading "Iron Man" with issue #75, and didn’t have a problem. “Fans have been trained by years of such bad continuity, that you can’t jump into the middle of a run, that you have to plant a flag,” said Waid. Brevoort added that “There needs to be a clear starting point... I don’t really like renumbering to number one, it’s not my favorite. Will we reboot again? It’s likely.” But he continued that it was important for grabbing new readers.

- The other fans liked their books! Surprise!

- Earlier, Waid had joked with Brevoort to not let the crowd see his iPad, because it had "Phantom Stranger" on it, and that book was “awful!” Later, he wanted to clarify that he was “out of line, and shouldn’t insult another publishers book,” and apologized!

- In "All-New X-Men", the original five X-Men are around for the foreseeable future. When a fan said they have to go back, Brevoort countered, “Do they?”

- Asked why you need a girl in a Thing costume on the "FF", when you have She-Hulk, Waid said, “[Tom] can’t tell you the answer to the question, but it’s SO GOOD.”

- On the idea of more Infinite Comics, Brevoort said, “In the next year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us roll out a regular series in that format.”

- The future of the "Avengers Academy" characters will be announced in - you guessed it - the next one to two weeks.

- Asked by a fan, Brevoort said there’s no title with Punisher, Cable, and Deadpool coming up, “Though they all shop at the same place.” If I was to read into this a bit, Brevoort was firmly denying that combination - or at least just those three... Not the possibility of a title involving some of that. Just sayin’.

- In "Indestructible Hulk", what’s up with the floating robot and the armor. Sayeth Waid: “Those floating heads following Hulk around... I wouldn’t get too attached to any one of them.” and “If Bruce is undertaking certain exploratory missions, he needs clothes when he turns back from being the Hulk. It’s like purple pants.”

- Asked about "New Warriors", Brevoort teased that the Point One story featuring Wiccan, Ms. America, and Young Loki, “Scratches that itch.”

- Joe Keatinge’s "Thanos" mini has been shifted, not cancelled, to get it away from the crush of Marvel NOW!

- "Age of Ultron" is definitely coming in 2013.

And that was it! Goodbye!