Out of Limbo And Into The Gates of Hell In This 'Supernatural' Season 8 Trailer

After the Leviathan mission blew up in the Winchester boys' faces last season, Dean's back, Castiel's M.I.A., and Hell's on their tails again. Sounds like business as usual for "Supernatural," which returns for an either season on October 3rd.

Check out the new trailer which reveals the demon hunters' new mission along with a new addition to the cast.

So high school student turned reluctant prophet Kevin is back for the new season, and boy does he have a mission for the Winchesters: one of those tablets floating around out there with the word of God on it can close the doors to Hell: permanently. Sounds like a good deal for Sam and Dean who've been manipulated, captured, tortured, and chased by demons since the series' inception.

But as with every big move like this on the show, what's the catch? There's always a catch.

I'm hoping that with Dean's return we don't get a rehash of season six's "how has time in Hell affected Sam Winchester" storyline. Because that was not great.

The new season begins on Wednesday, October 3rd on the CW.

[Source: Blastr]