Dark Horse Bringing Jane Espenson's 'Husbands' To Comics

"Buffy" writer Jane Espenson and co-creator Brad Bell's gay marriage comedy web series "Husbands" is coming to comics thanks to Dark Horse. Espenson and Bell will write the six-issue digital mini-series with Ron Chan on art.

For those unfamiliar with the hilarious show, which recently featured a Joss Whedon cameo, "Husbands" is:

Waking up drunk-married in Vegas used to be an adventure reserved for one man and one woman. However, thanks to a new federal equality amendment, tabloid darling Cheeks and LA Dodger Brady Kelly find themselves hungover and wed. Unwilling to undermine the hard-fought battle with a public quickie divorce, these two decide to make a go of it — despite their short courtship of just six weeks. Dating was going okay, but how will it work out now that they’re HUSBANDS?

We spoke with Espenson and stars Cheeks and Sean Hemeon at last year's New York Comic-Con about the show.

Jane Espensen, Cheeks and Sean Hemeon Talk 'Husbands'

The digital comic series will hit on October 24 from Dark Horse Comics.

[Source: The Beat via The Insider]

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