Find Out When 'Superjail!' Returns For A Third Season

You know, it's like "Oz," but with a party bar and the occasional talent show, so there's that.

Christy Caracas and Stephen Warbrick's "Superjail!" is back for a third season at the end of this month, promising the return of the villainous Stingray, Alice's gender-swapped doppelganger, and more horrifying, human rights-violating violence in the most insecure prison in this or any dimension.

After around a year and a half since season two ended, "Superjail!" returns on September 30th for another batch of episodes produced at Titmouse Studios. While season two saw some of the general mayhem of the series get scaled back for more focused stories, it was still a really solid effort from the series, giving us standouts like the "G.I. Joe"-spoofing "Lord Stingray Crash Party" and the gruesome "The Budding of the Wurbuxx" (whose punchline still turns my stomach).

I'm looking forward to what Caracas and Warbrick have in store this time around--will we see more of the female warden and the ladies of her floating prison? Will our Warden ever be fully tried for crimes against time and space? And what horrible, new secrets will we learn about the long-suffering Jared?

Season three of "Superjail!" premieres on September 30th at 12:15 A.M.