This 12" Wild Tiger Figure From Tomashii Nations Is Made of LEDs, Die-Cast, and Awesomesauce

I've been meaning to watch the "Tiger & Bunny" anime series, I really have. Corporate-sponsored superheroes that sport sleek Iron Man-like armor seem right up my alley, and it doesn't hurt they're receiving some incredible action figures from Tamashii Nations! While I'm familiar with the usual 5" to 6" highly articulated figures from S.H. Figuarts, D-Arts, and the like, Tamashii Nations has upped the ante with the announcement of their new 12" Perfect Model line of figures; beginning with an eye-gougingly badass version of Wild Tiger from "Tiger & Bunny- The Beginning"! Die cast parts, tons of articulation, and 20 LEDs have all been jumbled together into something amazing. Clocking in at around three-hundred bucks means I'm gonna have to really, really, REALLY enjoy the hell outta the anime in order to invest in this come December; however, for true fans, this is gonna be a must-have!

Read on for more info, direct from Tamashii Nations along with a ton of photos!

Tamashii Nations unveils its all new 12 inch high end brand, 12”PM (12 Perfect Model) with Wild Tiger from Tiger&Bunny. Incorporating approximately 20 LED lights in multiple areas to create a green glow, unprecedented levels of articulation with double joins, as well as composite resin and die-cast materials for added weight and presence, this is as close as a figure gets to the real Wild Tiger! 12”PM Wild Tiger features option parts replicating the face of Kotetsu T. Kaburagi., and includes bonus armor parts recreating those that appear in the upcoming film "TIGER & BUNNY –The Beginning-". This high end figure set includes five fixed pose hands and interchangeable shoulder parts for replicating his Wild Shoot, plus one pair of hands with posable fingers. Special display stand also included in set.

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