Apple iPhone 5 Reveal Confirmed!

If you didn't already know, Apple has officially revealed that they will be holding an event on September 12th where it's widely speculated that the company will reveal the highly-anticipated iPhone 5. Much like the iPad reveal earlier this year, the event will be held at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater.

As you can see above, the media-only invite simply says “It's almost here,” and features a shadowed “5” on the bottom. If that's not a big enough hint as to what we should expect from the show, I don't now what is.

The announcement is in line with a previous report that claimed the event would take place on September 12th. What hasn't been confirmed quite yet is whether or not that same report was correct in speculating that the iPhone 5 would go on sale nine days later, on September 21st.

New features expected to come along with the iPhone 5 include a larger 5” screen, hopefully accepting what nearly every other smartphone manufacturer has a 16:9 aspect ratio. The phone is also rumored to be compatible with 4G cellular networks and many believe it will come equipped with a new, smaller dock connector, making room for a larger battery.

This is the first of two rumored events Apple is said to be holding this year. The second will supposedly be the launch pad for a new, smaller iPad model. While many folks would love to see an iPad with a screen in the 7” class, Apple has not made an official announcement.

We'll have all the details from Apple's upcoming keynote as soon as they're revealed.

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