These Crochet Pokemon Look Like The Real Thing!

It's amazing what people can create with some yarn and a needle. We've seen everything from crocheted viking armor to crocheted Boba Fett helmets. Now one creative Etsy seller has taken things a step further, creating crocheted monsters from Pokemon – some of which are life-size!

Obviously, creating a “life-size” Gyrados would be one heck of an accomplishment and The Quaint Cuddlefish isn't willing to go that far. However, it's within reason to create some of the smaller pocket monsters, such as the lovable Caterpie and nasty Rattata, in 1:1 scale. Honestly though, my favorite has to be the adorable Vulpix plush -- who wouldn't love a fire-breathing, six-tailed fox?

Each of these fine pieces are made to order using acrylic yarn and polyfill stuffing. As far as pricing goes, that will depend on which Pokemon you're looking to get. For instance, that little Caterpie will set you back about $60 while the much larger Alakazam costs almost $94. On top of that, you'll have to wait at least one week for your crochet Pokemon to come to life – handmade items are great, but let's not forget they're handmade and that clearly takes time.

While all of these creations are impressive, I do have one question... Where in the world is Pikachu?

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