'Green Lantern,' 'Amazing Spider-Man,' and 'Archer and Armstrong': New Comics For September 5th

This week, the big story is the massive eleven zero issues DC Comics is releasing, showing the “hidden” back story of all of their ongoing comics – and some cancelled (and new) ones. The one that’ll probably garner the most interest this week is GREEN LANTERN #0, introducing the new Green Lantern Baz, the first of Middle Eastern descent.

Beyond that, though, there’s the always reliable ANIMAL MAN #0 and SWAMP THING #0, showing the origins of the upcoming Rotworld crossover. And if you want to skip one prequel, here’s another: BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE #3 sends our hero on an acid trip for the ages.

Over at Marvel, things are led off by AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #693, the second part of the “Alpha” storyline introducing Spidey’s jerky sidekick. We’ve also got AVENGERS ACADEMY #36, continuing the very last arc for the title (sob), INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #524, kicking off the sure to be epic Armor Wars III, and DEADPOOL #60 continuing Daniel Way’s wrap-up on the series.

Hey, how about other publishers? Good question! Valiant has the excellent and hilarious ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #2, finding our heroes fighting the 1% - literally. Over at Dynamite, there’s the launch of Disney Princess riff DAMSELS #1, and the near end of Grath Ennis’ epic anti-superhero story in BOYS #70. Plus, we’re suckers for the laughs and domestic drama of LOVE AND CAPES: WHAT TO EXPECT #2.

And that’s it! We’ll see you next week, when DC releases another three hundred zero issues.