Dragon*Con 2012: Marvel At These Comic-Based Cosplayers

Uatu the Watcher is but one of the Marvel Comics characters roaming the various ballrooms during Dragon*Con 2012. Hell, even the X-Men and Avengers have put aside their differences during this Labor Day weekend in Atlanta, and we're bring you the photographic proof! Costumes? Sure, these are just costumed fans, but we prefer using our imagination!

Not a lot of Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay this year, but these guys looked incredible. Just wait, Dragon*Con 2014 will be jam-packed with Rocket Raccoon!

Moon Knight is looking pretty good here, showing that a little shading on the costume really makes the solid white not look quite as awkward in real life.

This is a great version of what we like to call "Overly Smug Thor". Granted, we didn't call the Thunder God that to his face seeing as how he was carrying Mjolnir.

This guy couldn't quite do everything a spider can, but his comic-based Spider-Man costume was pretty incredible, right down to the web line.

This is hands down the coolest modern Nova costume we've seen yet! We're still keeping our fingers crossed that a version like this will show up in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" film.

Okay, so maybe all of the X-Men and Avengers weren't being civil; but, when Ms. Marvel and Rogue fight, we all win!

This Winter Soldier costume looks great, and the idea to use airbrushed spandex for the cybernetic arm was a wise one.

Mad Max-style Post Apocalyptic Avengers are awesome. That is all.

The most powerful and unpredictable mutant alive, Scarlet Witch made her presence felt here at Dragon*Con. She is one of the many characters who have a tough time translating to real life without looking bats**t crazy, and this cosplayer managed to pull it off.

Make no mistake, this is not Lady Deadpool. This is some straight-up Deadpool cosplay...that just happens to be portrayed by a lady.

A couple of Spidey's villains teamed up for this photo, cause everybody loves to get their picture taken!-- even homicidal maniacs like Carnage and Hobgoblin.

Uatu's huge-ass noggin closes out our gallery here for Marvel Comics costumes. We're far more intrigued with original costumes like this over seeing the millionth tank top-sportin' Wolverine, so if you attend a con as Sleepwalker, Slapstick, or something out of the norm--you might just see yourself on MTV Geek!

Stay tuned for continuing cosplay coverage from Dragon*Con 2012, right here on MTV Geek!

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