Dragon*Con 2012: See The Future of Geekdom With These Awesomely Costumed Kids

We've been showing off plenty of adults dressed up as their favorite characters, but the great thing about conventions like Dragon*Con 2012 is that they are also very kid-friendly, so the little ones can have a blast joining in on the festivities (during the day, anyway)! During our time hanging out at the MTV Geek photo booth, a ton of kids stopped by to get photographed so their con experience shall be forever immortalized online! With that in mind, we're gonna keep the chatter to a minimum so we can fit in as many cool costumes as possible. You're looking at the future!

Not one, but two Hit-Girls should make anyone up to no good more than a little nervous. The tiny vigilante on the left reminds of the version seen in the comic, while the one on the right looks like she came straight of the big screen!

Wanna take a quick guess as to who's not afraid of ghosts around here?

A child bravely traversing the vast reaches of space while sporting Stark Tech Armor? Somehow, we think Tony would approve.

Here's a costume that is both incredibly unique and represents indie comics. Bonus!

This pint-sized Harry Potter was just one of a ton of kids using the boy wizard as inspiration this year at Dragon*Con.

We tried our best to chat up the Mom, but the little girl stepped in and shut us down fast. Another picture taken, and a lesson learned.

We don't even remembering taking this picture of the MIB...just a flash of red light. Weird.

They start bounty hunting so young these days...

You known the old saying, "The family that cosplays together, stays together!"

This Padawan is tough, he holds his lightsaber by the blade. The blade, people! Makes Skywalker look like such a wuss.

We always knew bacon would one day seek revenge. Looks like that day is today!

This is exactly what Damien would actually look like in real life, age-wise anyway. Kind of puts all the insane stuff he does in the comics into perspective, doesn't it?

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for continuing cosplay coverage from Dragon*Con 2012!

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