Dragon*Con 2012: These Cosplayers Go To The Next Level With These Video Game Characters

While most of us will admit to spending a lot of free time playing video games, these fine folks pressed the pause button and, in some cases, spent days and weeks to build the perfect costume to represent their favorite video game character at Dragon*Con 2012. From the quirky to the downright badass, we've found a wide selection for you to check out-- and possibly get some inspiration from for all you future cosplayers!

This version of the Spartan armor comes from the look of the upcoming Halo 4 game and is looking pretty f'n good! A lot of Halo cosplay has been popping up in the last few years and some of the suits are probably more tactically useful than those seen in the games!

We applaud the uniqueness of this Tetris costume. How easy it is to walk through the halls of the various hotels at Dragon*Con while wearing this is anybody's guess, so we recognize the commitment.

Looks like Mario is getting a little pushy there with Princess Peach, doesn't it? We assure you, we didn't allow this domestic dispute to escalate any further than this. Mario totally caved and went with her to the "Legend of Zelda Fan Fiction" panel like she wanted.

Kratos can be seen here as he's about to drop a celebratory deuce after decapitating Helios. The total body paint helps to give Kratos the ashen and tattooed look he has in the "God of War" games.

Mega Man's "brother" and sometimes-ally, Proto Man, looks spot on here from the glowing workings of his buster cannon to the big-ass boots that mimic the art style seen in the Mega Man games. The real costuming feat? Keeping your junk from showing through that tight, gray leotard.

Here's Ryu and Zangief from "Street Fighter" and if we really had to tell you that, we'd like to know what dimension you've been trapped in for the past 25 years! Anyway, we give credit to any man willing to pull off a Zangief costume as the "Russian Bear" sports very little in the way of apparel, meaning anywhere you sit, there's just no escaping con-germs!

Link and Zelda finally appear to have a happy ending here at Dragon*Con. And on that note, we're closing this gallery out-- before Ganon has a chance to bust in, steal the Tri-force, and all that jazz!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for continuing cosplay coverage from Dragon*Con 2012!

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