Dragon*Con 2012: Horror Stalks the Con Floor Thanks to These Creepy Cosplayers

While Dragon*Con is generally loads of care-free, costumed, fun for the average con-goer, there lies the threat of creeping (simulated) danger and scares at any given turn thanks to the tons of horror fans on hand that are sporting their blood-drenched costumes they've spent hours perfecting just to give you a tingling of dread up your spine. Join us as we continue our Dragon*Con 2012 cosplay coverage with this look at some of the costumes that cause a weaker being to lose bladder control over if happening upon them in the dark, AND some off-beat horror tributes!

These faceless nurses from the "Silent Hill" video game series have filled us full of dread ever since they shambled toward us in the game as our meager flashlight flickered in the dark. Of course, in-game we blew their damned heads off, but here at the show we just sit still, full of anxiety, and snap their photos. The best part of this costume is that the lack of vision would surely make this thing a chore to wear throughout the day. Bravo to the brave women that decide making us want to curl into a ball is worth the effort!

The pig-theme has been huge this year! We chalk it up to people's natural fear that bacon will eventually kill them, one way or another! Personally, we'll take a heart attack over a scythe-weilding maniac any day, but that's just us.

Here's another pig-related cosplay. As we snapped this photo, we gazed upon this freak of nature and truly questioned just how f**ked up our imaginations are. Then we realized this guy was only a drop in the bucket, and went back about our day! It's definitely commitment to wear a costume that restricts the use of your arms and hands, but it looks to be well worth it for the effect. Man, blue jean overalls just don't look good on anybody, right?

This costume of Queen Akasha from Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned" is farther towards the "sexy" side of the sliding scale than the "horrific". The costuming is very well done and matches very closely to the one worn by Aaliyah in the original 2002 film. We'd normally make some kind of wisecrack here, but the thought of Aaliyah kind of got us down. So technically, Akasha broke our spirit a little-- that crafty vampire temptress!

Not a scary costume, you say? See, this is an instance where it's all about the props, namely Audrey II. Yep, this cosplay comes courtesy of "Little Shop of Horrors" complete with Seymour's bandaged fingers from feeding his own blood to the toothy plant. Luckily, we were able to get this photo long before Audrey II got to the "Feed me internet bloggers!" stage of growth.

Finally, we have the man who can take on any form of evil, and after freaking the hell out, make a smartass quip and slice it in twain with his trusty chainsaw: Ashley Williams! This Ash costume from the always spectacular "Evil Dead 2" adds just the right amount of blood, torn clothes, amputations, and chin to bring Bruce Campbell's cult-classic character to life. There are always a ton of these at Dragon*Con, and by hell this one was our favorite!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for more cosplay coverage from Dragon*Con 2012! Also, if you're at Dragon Con this weekend be sure to stop by our green screen photo booth at the Marriott Marquis (on the marquis level) and get your picture taken on 1 of our 16 backgrounds!

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