Dragon*Con 2012: Cosplayers Bring Cartoons Into 3-D With These Animation Based Costumes

Our cosplay coverage of Dragon*Con 2012 rolls on with a glimpse at some of the best and brightest cartoon-based costumes to hit Atlanta! As anyone who has attended, or followed coverage of, SDCC and other cons this year, it seems the reigning champ of animation costuming comes from Cartoon Network's "Adventure time" with a veritable army of Finns running amok with their blue t-shirts and white hats. Dragon*Con seems to be following this trend, but never fear as we have collected a wide variety of cartoon classics for your amusement!

As anyone who regularly reads MTV Geek knows, we loooovvveee the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! You can imagine our excitement upon seeing this Hero in a Half-Shell, and despite the slight discoloration, we have to give major props for not only the construction of this full-body costume, but also the intestinal fortitude it takes to sweat all day in this thing!

This version of Rainbow Dash from "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" should catch the eye of any roving pack of Bronies. Bronys? A pack? Probably a stable... Okay, so we're still not sure of the proper terminology, but we do know that a rainbow wig, a pair of wings, and a baby blue pair of shorts makes us ready to-- Y'know what? We're not even gonna finish that sentence! We refuse to desecrate the legacy of animated horses, not right at this moment anyway.

So, the animal theme continues here with 3 women dressed as the ultimate animated band (next to Jem and the Holograms anyway), Josie and the Pussycats! Josie, Valerie, and Melody are looking pretty good here in their whacked out leopard print leotards with "long tales and ears for hats" and we're guessing they were probably in the middle of stopping a Communist plot, or secret alien invasion, or some such s**t. Also, by "whacked out" earlier, we meant "insanely hot".

Mordecai and Margaret are here together. Where's Rigby? Who knows! Mordecai is all about the lady pecs! These two costumes from Cartoon Network's "Regular Show" are alright in our book! Sure they're not perfect, and the person playing Margaret might even be a dude (We didn't ask cause we didn't care!), but that doesn't stop them from having that inherent aura of awesomeness from a hand crafted costume! Plus, they get huge bonus points for the "Mordecai & The Rigbys" shirts... that they refused to give us, even after we asked politely. Stupid birds!

You just can't beat the semi-classics, and "The Powerpuff Girls" is certainly that! The Professor here is all decked out in a lab coat. Easy enough costume choice, right? Wrong! You try walking around all day with 3 freakishly cute and incredibly powerful superheroes on your back! What you can't see is the Professor's pants. Was he wearing anything below the waist when we snapped this? Only we, and the thousands in attendance, know for sure!

Last in this gallery, we have "Adventure Time" cosplay! Look, there was just too damn much of it for it to be totally ignored! What sold us on this bunch were the additions of the Ice King Queen and Lady Rainicorn! Also, the penguin forced us to take the photo. Look upon it's soulless wonder and despair!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for cosplay coverage, and ramblings from Dragon*Con 2012! Also, if you're at Dragon Con this weekend be sure to stop by our green screen photo booth at the Marriott Marquis (on the marquis level) and get your picture taken on 1 of our 16 backgrounds!

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