Dragon*Con 2012: DC Comics Cosplay Shows Off The Pre-New 52

Cosplayers have once again descended upon Atlanta as part of Dragon*Con 2012, and MTV Geek is joining in with our green-screen photo booth in order to bring you the very best of the costumed-goodness! While fantasy, anime, and steampunk all have huge cosplay factions represented at the show, comic book heroes are still very prevalent-- just not as much as at a con like SDCC-- and right now we're taking a closer look at some of the best costumes based on characters from the DC Comics pantheon. As noted in the title, it seems the classic looks of the characters still ring true to these DIY costumers, with very few looks coming from the current "New 52" style. Maybe it's the uncomfortably high collars...

This version of Superman is based on his Alex Ross-designed look in the incredible Kingdom Come mini-series. While he's missing the graying temples, we're not going to say anything because he looks buff as hell and we're not entirely sure that's padding! We've learned long ago that fist-fighting cosplayers always ends in disaster.

It looks like Aquaman decided to heed Mera's nagging and finally got glasses so he'd quit squinting, AND has gone bats**t crazy by deciding to protect the Alps instead of the world's oceans. Still, we dig this cosplay of Arthur and are guessing it took a helluva long time to draw all the scales on that shirt.

Oswald Cobblepot has never looked finer than he does right here! The combination of makeup, costuming, and acting go together perfectly to capture that creepy bastard in all his fish-odored glory. Bonus points for the monocle!

Tim Drake is on the scene with this Robin cosplay. Same as last year, Robin seems to be a fan-favorite when it comes to emulating the Boy Wonder. Of course, the Robin costume is easily recognizable and less restricting thanks to the lack of a full cowl, like Batman. We also think it's so popular because you don't need to be overly muscular to pull it off.

Speaking of Robin, here's a shot of Damien Wayne as he's about to get his little melon caved in by Bane. The opposite of Robin, if you're going to pull of Bane's look, you're either going to need a good muscle suit, or just be made of muscle like this guy! Of course, you COULD just inject yourself with Venom compound; but, since that drug is purely fictional, we don't recommend that route. Bane's mask looks great here and has a nice comic feel thanks to the red eyes. Also, Bane's looking a little sweaty-- that's method acting, folks!

Wonder Woman is in space, kissing the head of a decapitated corpse. Your argument is irrelevant.

We're sure that if any of his rogues saw Batman hanging out like this in a library, they'd instantly lose a lot of the hard-fought fear he's placed in them over the years. Still, in a day when most Batman costumes seem to be based on the Christopher Nolan films, it's nice to see something a little more spandex-y now and again.

Last, but not least, we have Supergirl in her look from the New 52. Yeah, yeah, we know the whole title of the article talks about the lack of that style at Dragon*Con, but this is a perfect example of how good some of these costumes can look if given the chance. We dig the added detailing, and we're always a sucker for a woman in a cape.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek all weekend as we bring you more cosplay coverage from Dragon*Con 2012! Also, If you're at Dragon Con this weekend be sure to stop by our green screen photo booth at the Marriott Marquis (on the marquis level) and get your picture taken on 1 of our 16 backgrounds!

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